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August 1 2013

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So you ask, What is on my mind?

A good many of things I am sure.

For instance, It still befuddles me sometimes why people can be so greedy and dishonest. And yes I am going somewhere with this. I got a call (and has happened more than once) where some relatives need a notary at the bedside of a sick and terminally ill patient and have nothing more than a ragged piece of notebook paper written in pencil that allows for them to be the sole beneficiary. My heart tugs as I wonder if the bed ridden loved one can hear, or understand what is trying to conspire. I don’t even get in my vehicle when I get these types of calls. I know they start going down the list of published Notaries on the internet. I know I am in the top 5 now. I advise the caller if they have a legal document, drawn up by an attorney, such as a POA, I can assist them. There is usually a long pause on the other end of my cell and then a defeated sigh, with empty promises to call you back later. Those calls never come.

My advise is to take care of handling your affairs when you are young and old age seems  far off. Any one over the age of 25 should have some sort of planned option. You never know when your number is up. Leaving loved ones to grieve and handle your affairs can be particularly unbearable. The other benefit is they won’t have to try to piece together your information. Keep a current list of numbers of people and businesses that need to be contacted. Have a current beneficiary list along with instructions on who to call to report your passing. If doing an absolute assignee, remember it is a one time choice unless the trustee passes. Some companies may allow a change. Make sure your pertinent information such as date of birth (birth certificate) and social security information are in a safe place, like a lock box at a bank.

Consider, and consider carefully an Absolute Assignee. Just know once chosen it cannot be changed.

Pre pay for your funeral expenses. That way if your beneficiaries are not up to handling your final affairs in the way you expected, you have a failsafe. Or more bluntly; you will have a wake and a burial ceremony as opposed to a barbeque. There is also an additional bonus; you lock in prices for the current year you are paying for which is less expensive than it will be at the time of your passing.

by Sheri Thomson

A Florida Notary/ 1FlaNotary.com