Mar 31

5 tips to choosing your perfect wedding venue

The Word Is…
By Sheri Thomson

Just like the weather(In like a lion) brides are sweeping into Florida for their destination weddings. Don’t wait too long to get booked.

5 tips to choosing the perfect venue for your ceremony:

Does the place you are picking feel right. When you stand in the space you both know its right. Beyond the visual…. deep down inside.

Location, location, location. How far do you and your guests have to travel to get to your magical spot? Once there are they able to accommodate all of your needs you have hired them for, adequate electricity, wi fi, plugs and outlets for your vendors? How far do you have to travel to get to the ceremony location once you are on site. Is there transportation for those that may need it? Are there columns that may block your guests view. Acoustics?

Do the coordinators and planners at the location feel genuine. Do they make you feel like your day and happiness is the most important thing to them?

Is there a location for plan b if the weather decides not to cooperate? Is there appropriate staff to handle the last minute change?

Are there places to take amazing pictures. It helps to be surrounded by genuine beauty to make amazing wedding pictures. Check out the walls, floors and exits. Is it full of mirrors? How’s the lighting? A good photographer can fix almost any background and work in most lighting situations but if Uncle Snacks is taking the pictures you may not be so lucky.

Besides the given and obvious factors of money, time and lack of bridal 101 know how(which fellas, not all brides are blessed with) Booking early and having a contingent venue is highly advised. Venues book early in Florida and some venues will even bump lower revenue brides in favor of higher revenue events. (Of course no one will admit it)

No matter if your venue is a grand hotel, the palace at Disney, the junction of a path in the forest or the parking garage at the mall. Make sure the place you have your ceremony is memorable and make it your place!