Jan 16

A Harry Potter themed Vow Renewal

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A Destination Vow Renewal for this lovely New York couple. They met through their similar interest in Star Wars. Many years later as fate would have it they reconnected, fell in love and got married. I really enjoy creative ceremonies and this no ordinary muggle couple.

Matthew and Rosemary decided after 3 wonderful years of marriage they wanted to renew their      20150114_092544stvows. Matthew told me that Rosemary had gven him a lovely Star Wars wedding and he wanted to give her a Harry Potter themed ceremony so I dug into my bag of tricks and crafted a ceremony that included romance, love and a generous sprinkling of Harry Potter references. The day was cloudy and overcast so the scene was set.

Matthew and Rosemary came dressed in Harry Potter themed attire and exchanged vows with the rumble of the Hogwarts express and the roar of the Gringott Bank Dragon in the background.

The ceremony included them making an unbreakable vow, promising to work out challenges that shall not be named and exchanging rings that were their symbolic Horcrux. I was honored to be a part of their vision.

Some of the pictures were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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20150114_092528 20150114_092455

20150114_100407ab MatthewRosemary


20150114_092329stbw 20150114_092845st



Here are some pictures I took with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 of Gringotts and the amazing dragon

20150114_095040st 20150114_095402ast 20150114_095412st 20150114_095414st

20150114_104311st 20150114_101032st



A shameless selfie… to tie it all together.


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