Dec 30

Before the 2015 holidays end

white flowerThe Word Is…

December 2015 edition

Saving money at the end of the holiday season and beginning of engagement season.

As we are packing up the holiday decorations, getting ready to ring on another year And few of us are already planning for next year’s event.  The few days after the Christmas holiday, you can still find great pricing on holiday decor. Admittedly I am usually one of those last minute shoppers due to being a little light in the pockets on the holidays, especially when wedding business drops to nearly zero.

But this year, I took just a few dollars and visited my local Dollar General,  At Home,  Walmart, and Big Lots and got 99% of my Christmas decorations for next year.

Yes, it took digging through glitter riddled shelves and baskets of Mark Downs and bugging the store associates to guide me to the clearance stuff  but I  didn’t pay full price for any thing. Everything was either 50% off 75% off and I  even found some 90% off fall decor to add to my fall decor box. Buying out of season is a wonderful way to getting deep discounts.  So planning ahead saved me quite a bit of money and I  won’t have to fight holiday crowds next year. Overall I spent  $32.00. I got a wreath,  christmas ornaments and floral to make a holiday arrangement.  Paying full price for the stuff I  got would have easily been over $150 .


This concept can also be applied to purchasing that last season designer wedding dress you have been carrying a picture of around in your wedding binder. Those sparkling silver or gold holiday vases that would go perfectly on your reception tables, and those perfect color bridesmaid dresses. This weekend also begins the first of the season Bridal shows. Go to the shows and get great vendors who may be running raffles and offering discounts on their services to attendees only.


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