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Weddings are a special life event. Traditionally couples capture weddings in photos, videos, smartphones and memories. Today in the world of social media there are a lot of wedding sites that offer brides the opportunity to submit their weddings. Out of the thousands that are submitted only a few select weddings actually make it to post or it could be months or more than a year before your wedding appears. Many of the popular sites don’t have time to take a personal approach to your story. All brides like to have their story told and what better gift to yourself or a couple than to immortalize your Florida wedding day. I am offering this service to the brides that can’t afford to have a major wedding periodical cover their story but want a nice write up they can share with friends and family just the same.

How does it work?

This service is offered to brides that I will not be officiating their wedding and am strictly like another guest their to capture their story. Prior to your wedding day we have a consultation. Please be considerate and give us proper notification of your wedding day. A few weeks prior notice is preferred. This can be accomplished by phone or in person depending on location. You tell us about your relationship, your engagement, your upcoming wedding day, describe the theme, dish on the special touches, and really let us know what you feel are the most important aspects of your wedding day. We do a real wedding interview or questionnaire that gets all of the details about the ceremony, vendors, etc and then we attend your wedding day as any guest would and take pictures. We are not looking to take the group family pictures but more editorial and photojournalist shots, that show emotion and actions happening. In addition, we will take detail shots, components of your wedding.  We then come back to the office and create your Real Wedding to include on my site. Once it is completed, Your Real Wedding is shared to you, so you can share with your family, friends and social media sites. The blog is completed and published within 4-8 weeks of your wedding. Sometimes sooner. Unless we are waiting on pictures or video from your providers. You will always have access to your story because it will also be emailed to you or put on USB as a keepsake. You can then have it transferred to a photo book or album at your convenience.

What we are not.

We are not planners. We will not be making suggestions or swaying your decisions about your wedding day. We are not a wedding periodical. We are not a substitution for your photographer. We are not free labor, we will not dress you or your attendants, we are not servers or ushers, or drivers or mediators.

What we are.

We are wedding officiants, bloggers and amateur photographers. This is just a wedding content site. We are looking for creative ways to bring fresh, authentic, unscripted wedding inspiration, tips and ideas to brides everywhere. We are simply observers. Consider us your wedding BFFs. We capture your story in person, in pretty, moving words and photo details and provide you with a chance to relive your wedding day again after the honeymoon is over and you have settled into making your life together. Consider your blog your digital wedding album with commentary. Shareable, memorable.


Why we do this

I see so many comments from frustrated brides about incorrect info in their stories, or their wedding never showing up. There are a lot of weddings worldwide and only a handful of major wedding periodicals to capture all of the information being sent to them. Getting to know the couple, attending the ceremony,  helps to capture a feel of authenticity and makes the write up more personal. I love weddings. What better way to share them than to attend them and give a first person account.  In the questionnaire, I provide, the couples get to speak about their day and provide honest tips and advice to future brides. My process guarantees you get published on a wedding content site and there are no limitations on who you share your story with. I beta tested this with a few brides I did weddings for and they had forgotten about the pictures I took and were so appreciative when a few months later they got a link with pictures and story that was different from the ones the photographers had taken. Some still hadn’t even received their pro photos back yet. They loved reliving the wedding moments. The brides that actively participated as Real Wedding Brides loved the experience.  See Romantic Tuscany Wedding , A Priceless Minnie Vow Renewal , Elopement by the Lake  They were enthusiastic and helpful in creating their story.

Your story will be comprised of the information we gain from you through consultation and also our experience in attending your event. We will say for example- how the atmosphere was electric as the doors swung open and everyone rose to their feet and the bride, a vision of ethereal loveliness glided past on the arm of her father who had tears in his eyes.
Weddings are tiny moments all strung together and much gets lost during the wedding day. You planned your wedding for a year, maybe longer, doesn’t your wedding story deserve to be told.


We are currently only doing weddings within the state of Florida.  We may be willing to travel in the future.

Brides Choose a Plan for your story

The Wedding Story

We capture your wedding experience. 1 Initial consultation Attend 1 wedding dress shopping, and one of the following -1 bridal shower, luncheon or party, food tasting, or rehearsal dinner, plus wedding and reception. Photograph your wedding experience, Video snippets in addition to professional pictures and then Create your Real Wedding story from the dress to the wedding day, email copy, all pictures used in story and link to story


Real Wedding

1 initial consultation, Attend wedding and reception, Photograph your event, Create your Real Wedding story. Email copy, pictures used in story and link to story


Story Teller

1 initial consultation, attend wedding and reception for content, you provide professional photographs and/or videos from your photographer. Photographer will be credited with photos or have them leave their watermark on them. Email copy and link to story


The Short Story

Intimate Weekday ceremonies  with 30 or less attendees. 1 initial consultation, Attend wedding and reception, photograph your event, Create your Real Wedding story with 10-15 photos. Email copy, pictures used in story and link to story within 2-weeks



Wedding Professionals submit a Florida wedding. No styled shoots.


Pros submit a wedding post of a Florida wedding with up to 25 pictures you photographed or participated in with commentary and vendor information and links to your site

Email me at for submission information