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Inspiration on a budget

Budget Dresses, Veils and Flowers…oh my!

For many couples the platinum wedding mindset is unreachable or just plain undesirable. There are plenty of options for having the wedding you want within the confines of your budget.

Since vintage weddings themes have continued to be popular it is easy and often more affordable due to the great amount of yesteryear’s objects that tend to wind up in thrift shops, Goodwill, Salvation Army stores, Re-Stores, second hand stores and many websites that specialize in previously used items. There are also bartering and trading sites where no cash is exchanged other than a shipping fee.

Not just vintage but seasonal items often land in these places. Women who lose weight usually donate their larger sized clothing and those that gain weight, reluctantly donate their sexier smaller clothing. (Yes, I am talking from experience.) I even donated my wedding dress. I will never wear it again and I held onto to it for a few years too long unfortunately. Most resale places only take things within a year or two of the style or being sold in the store if you are wanting to sell your treasures. There are also great opportunities to donate more precious values like the Princess Project Dress event held in Maitland every year in Florida by 102 Jamz . There are many wedding worthy dresses donated there as well as other party dresses and they are free to girls going to prom that cannot afford a dress and then whatever is left over is sold for a paltry fee of $5 each. Look for these types of deals in your area.

Not really a thrift store diva?, then shop the sales. Buy a fabulous dress that may be a season or two old. Most people won’t even know. Or buy a dress that is similar to the pricier version. But remember no matter how much you spend or don’t spend, if the dress isn’t a great fit, none of that matters.

Your dress is one of the top five wedding expenses.Go here for Discount Dresses There is no reason to pay full price for your dress if you are on a budget. Most bridal places offer sales. Wait for the sale and get the dress you love at a price you can live with. Besides, no one is going to ask you how much you paid for your dress. All they will see is a luminous smile on a beautiful woman who looks amazing in whatever dress you choose.
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You can look like a million bucks without the high price tag! Great for bridesmaids dresses or chic mother of the bride dresses.This off the shoulder number could be a lovely bridal dress.


The dresses above come from a site that is one of my newest obsessions for vintage dress because the clothing looks good on women with curves. It is awesome for star worthy looks that won’t break the bank. Plenty of Vintage looks! However, be quick with your purchases, once a star is photographed wearing the style the price may increase as with what happened to the little black dress that was featured on the Emmy’s recently went from $60 to $174 and is now back down to $89  http://www.stopstaringclothing.com/sunshop/

I saw this story on the web a few weeks ago. Hmmm… $1.56 really?

Couple in Scotland Reportedly spent $1.56 on their wedding day(Not counting the Marriage License fee)

You can save a lot of money in the area of accessories going for lovely art deco and vintage pieces that can be found at second hand stores like Good Will, Salvation Army and other local thrift stores. Cultural pieces can also be a fun and interesting detail to your wedding day wardrobe.


Not your cup of tea?, then  hop online and find great deals here! ApplesofGold.Com – Brand-Name Quality Jewelry, without Brand-Name Prices. They have a range of prices including high end styles. Be unique with your wedding set and save money on something different, instead of getting the same ring 20 thousand other brides already have. Blue Diamond Rings
Get15% off of headpieces and veils  like the ones below from House of Bride. Whimsical to traditional veils all on sale!

Bridal Veils Bridal VeilsVeils Veils

The wedding cake can take a good chunk of your budget. Of course everyone wants it to be pretty and stunning. Of course it has to taste delicious at any budget level. But do you really need a different flavor for every layer and the most exotic fillings? The answer is no , if you are trying to save money. Local grocers often do wedding cakes for far less than traditional bakeries and wedding cake shops. Granted you may have limited flavors and designs but they can usually do a pretty good job of making a great wedding cake for an affordable price. Not real sure the (Club Stores) deliver either, so you would need to be willing to either get it yourself or trust someone else to deliver. Publix does deliver cakes though.

In Florida, most Publix, Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmarts, and BJs are not far from most wedding venues and neighborhoods.


♥DIY tip♥ 

Have you considered making your own wedding cake? Take a class together to make a wedding day stunning confection.
Vintage Cake Design: Sculpting and Stenciling with Lindy Smith

You can also get wedding day flowers at some of the stores like the ones shown below:

Wedding flowers can be costly, but they don’t have to be. Artificial flowers are almost as expensive as live florals due to the rising cost of petroleum, used to make the plastic parts of artificial flowers. You can order your flowers wholesale and make your own bouquets, flower arrangements, reception centerpieces and ceremony decor or provide them to your florist. Also ordering in season flowers are a lot more cost effective and using filler flowers helps to keep costs manageable.

Here’s some links to get you started Wholesale Bridal Flowers and Wholesale Wedding Table Centerpieces

Blooms By The Box

Here is some inspiration from diy brides creating their own flowers for their wedding day with Blooms by the Box flowers.

 Purple Iris and Rose Bouquet

You can look beautiful and have a beautiful looking wedding day without going broke. Yes you may have to put in time as opposed to money but if you can get the day you want, on the budget you have and have the knowledge that you made key parts of it all happen; You are one savvy, DIY bride. Inspiration on a budget is the new green. Going green on your wedding day can save money and the environment.

Here are some great sustainable gift ideas. sustainable wedding products and gifts  Eco friendly gifts are usually used and not sitting around collecting dust somewhere or ending up in the trash during spring cleaning. (you don’t think your guests keep those little trinkets forever do you)

You are not what you spend on your wedding day. Please try to remember the reason for the celebration. So you didn’t have 50K to spend on your wedding ..so what! Ask yourself these questions:

  • Were you marrying the person you loved?
  • Were you surrounded by family and true friends?
  • Did you enjoy your day?
  • Did you smile more than worry?
  • Did you look fabulous?

Weddings have undoubtedly become all about the guests and what others think. Don’t be afraid to reign in the craziness and bring your day back to being about love. Back to being about you and your partner.

Real Weddings– One of my destination brides shares her Lakeside Florida destination wedding on a budget.

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