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Christmas in July

I never really understood the whole Christmas in July mindset. So I decided to look it up and see what all the buzz was about. Here’s some interesting info…kindly received from Wikipedia

Christmas in July refers to Christmas-themed celebrations held in July.

In the southern hemisphere, winter falls in July. Therefore in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in order to have Christmas with a winter feel Christmas in July events are undertaken. However, Christmas in December, the usual month, is a far more common practice, despite it being summer.

In the northern hemisphere some people throw parties during July that mimic Christmas celebrations, bringing the atmosphere of Christmas but with warmer temperatures. Parties may include Santa Clausice cream and other cold foods, and gifts. Nightclubs often host parties open to the public.

In some western countries, July has a limited number of marketing opportunities. In the United States and Canada, there are no national holidays between the first week of July (Canada Day on July 1 in Canada and American Independence Day on July 4 in the United States) and Labo(u)r Day (the first Monday in September for both the US and Canada), leaving two months with no holidays. (Some Canadian provinces hold a civic holiday in August, but this is not a national holiday.) The late July period provides relatively few opportunities for merchandising, since it is typically after the peak of summer product sales in June and early July, but before the back to school shopping period begins in August. Therefore, to justify sales, shops (such as Leon’s in Canada) will sometimes announce a Christmas in July sale.

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Here is another posting about Christmas in July found on yahoo answers and voted best answer by the asker!

Christmas In July is not so much a phrase but an actual celebration…Its the same as the other Christmas, just in July…
Also known as Winter Yuletide celebrations, or Yulefest these celebrations are often in countries where December 25 is summer. So Australia/NZ are the main ones.

It is just too hot to get enthusiastic about a traditional big roast with pudding etc. So over the years many Australian families and organisations have opted to have an addition Christmas dinner in July celebration, in the middle of winter when it’s nice and cool and great for tucking in to a sumptuous big feast. A Christmas in July dinner usually includes Christmas Decorations Christmas Candles, colourful streamers, bonbons, Christmas hats and whistles.

The origin of the tradition is still not confirmed- many believe it was attributed to an Irish group who enjoyed the winter snow in Sydney’s Blue Mountains and decided to party!!-Jade

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