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David + Michelle


Sometimes an elopement is just the thing a couple needs to move into the next journey of their life together. No fancy venue, No extensive guest list, no flowers, no $1000 gown or tux,  just the love of the two people, a quiet space and their officiant. In these moments, I get to truly meet two unique individuals, who tell me about their life and how they met, I sit in their private space and enjoy the human experience of face to face, genuine conversation, smiles, sometimes tears and real hugs.

David and Michelle met on the Nascar Racing Circuit. He drives the trucks that carry the tv equipment that  bring sports into our homes. They both travel a lot and are on the road so settling for long in one place has not been an option.

They decided a small ceremony for just the two of them would be the perfect way to start their marriage.

I drove a little over 60 miles to meet this lovely couple in their RV in Malabar which is situated right across from the Indian Harbor. Intermittent Rain and grey clouds greeted me as I traveled. Sail boats dotted the harbor. I should have pulled over to take pictures but I was a bit under the weather from the flu and laryngitis and was on the mend. So I decided to just enjoy the dreary view and hopefully this old noodle of mine would find the memory again one day. I did not bring my camera, just took a few shots with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


It was the first time I had ever been inside an RV that I can recall. They introduced me to their dog Sandy a beautiful, black lab mix with a lovely disposition and on the table Michelle showed me a lovely picture of her grandmother with a beautiful marble urn in purple and rosary beads adorned her esteemed position in the ceremony space. David and Michelle shared how her grandmother was hoping to see them get married before she passed on. She was over 100 years old when she passed.

Michelle was wearing her grandmother’s necklace, her beautiful ceramic earrings and her wedding band. She truly brought the spirit of her grandmother into their ceremony.

We talked a little and shared a bit before the ceremony and then it was time. David and Michelle faced one another, holding hands as they exchanged vows, rings, and their hearts, hopefully for the rest of their life.

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