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DIY Weddings

Making your Wedding Day

More and more brides are doing their weddings their way. DIY does not automatically mean poor, budget, or tacky. Today, It is a way of self expression and can be just as beautiful, memorable, tasteful and enriching as any big budget wedding. Being frugal is smart but creativity can make a 5.00 item look like a million bucks and really add elegance to your theme.

Making key elements in your wedding or just a few accessories can give you a sense of pride and add that little touch of something uniquely your own. Anyone can run down to the local craft store or go online and purchase the same old wedding favors, table numbers and soft dinner mints but making your day from scratch can also keep your budget down, give you a project to do with your fiance, bridal party or future in laws but most importantly when you look at your wedding come together you will have a lovely sense of pride and accomplishment.

So you can get inspiration from like,… everywhere online.

  1. Pinterest and Etsy are definitely going to be your go to, must have’s, DIY main pieces of your arsenal…

  2. Second “Pin” everything that you like within your theme. Yes, it helps to have a theme, be it color or style. That will help to guide you and also aim you in the right direction for staying in your budget.

  3. Budget- ok so let’s talk about your budget…what? you don’t have one?

  • You should. You have to be responsible with your coins. Even on your wedding day. Whether your budget is 4 figures or 6 figures. Have a budget.

  • Get out the calculator and determine what you need, what you want and how much you can afford to spend.

  • Decide what is important to make your day special. (that means make a list!)

  • Make a list

  • Try really hard to stick to the list

Ok, done? Now let’s take a look at some ideas.

You can take a common idea and make it your own just by changing a few aspects. Not really crafty, no biggie, Just add one small DIY element that showcases something special or unique between you and your fiance. Click on one of the pictures below for some DIY ideas.

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when considering what your perfect reception centerpiece should be try thinking out of the box. Choose something that can be used as conversation piece, possibly interactive or that tells a story. Your guest will spend less than three minutes admiring your expensive floral creations and they wind up in the trash after the event is over. use unusual items like small luggage or books and fruit to enhance and fill up the middle of your table. Combinations of flowers and different sized candle sticks are also a great idea. Button or shells pressed in wax can serve as tea light holders and make for a cute and romantic table setting. Whole gourds like pumpkins and squash can be carved, decorated and used as seasonal centerpieces.

Brooch Bouquets
You can make a bouquet out of almost anything from brooches to paper flowers or buttons. If you are choosing to carry a bouquet make sure it is not overshadowing you. It should be in proportion to your size. They can get very heavy and be difficult to hold for long periods of time. Put sentimental pieces in it and on the stem or handle to make it a keepsake

Making a gift for your guests is a tradition many cultures follow. You can make food favors that have anything form popular Jordan almonds to sweet candy treats. Homemade jams, jellies and preserves are great ideas in cute containers just as hot chocolate or 7 layer bars with recipe cards. Non food favors give you a chance to tie in your theme in the gift like an anchor shaped bottle opener for a nautical theme or Christmas ornaments for winter weddings.

For more wedding day inspiration and diy projects visit here

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