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Florida outdoor weddings

As the weather starts turning more and more beautiful by the day,We want to focus on the ups and downs, the pros and cons of romping in the Florida sun on your wedding day. In Florida, about 90% of wedding ceremonies, not held in Churches, are done out of doors.

Why, because there are lots of beautiful sunny days, great natural backdrops and pictures look amazing under blue Florida skies. Many of my wedding families and couples coming from abroad may not be privy to weather like ours almost year round. Why else would we be called the sunshine state? While most weddings go off perfectly, there may be some instances to consider while picking an outdoor space for your wedding, especially in a public place. Some public spaces require a fee to guarantee your date, time and space will be available for just you and your wedding party.

  • Weather can be very iffy. It may rain the morning of your ceremony but be hot and dry by the time you are ready to say i do. You may witness your venue, setting and resetting your wedding, don’t panic. If you have booked a reputable venue they will handle everything.

  • Have a plan b. It is not nice to have your guests suffer through or wait out in-climate weather. Most venues have a back up space

  • Think about the time you are having your wedding and where the sun will be. Will you and your guests be squinting into the sun? In the summer months sunset is some times as late as 8:15. and the hotest portion of the day is between 4:30 and 6pm.

  • Try to run on time as the Florida sun waits for no one. Especially in the winter months when the sun sets promptly at 5:30 pm you could end up saying your vows in the dark.

Couples are looking for either a beach setting, waterfront setting or a garden type venue.

  • Remember that actual beaches are 45 minutes to an hour or more away from Orlando.

  • There are some venues and parks that have a sandy area that may be able to be construed as beach in pictures.

  • Consider water bottles, fans or umbrellas for your guests and flip flops for beach weddings as sand sometimes is very hot in the summer months and can be cold and windy in winter months.

  • Wear sunblock or a moisturizer with sunblock in it to keep from burning on the days proceeding your wedding day.

  • Public beaches, parks, and gardens are exactly that ….public. While most people are respectful, you may end up on someone’s Facebook page or instagram wall as people randomly photograph and video tape weddings in public spaces

  • You may get some unexpected wedding crashers.

  •  Some resorts allow intimate weddings but if they play music or have other activities going on such as boats riding by or tour guides, there may be additional noise to contend with while saying your vows. Some venues are close to train tracks, it is hard to talk over that kind of noise.

  • Some couples want to be outside but in the shade. I have seen photographers advise the couples to move out of the shade because it casts shadows on their faces making  the pictures they are paying thousands of dollars for not exactly optimal.

  • Also remember, if your beautiful cake has been sitting in a warm environment for too long it may start to melt or attract insects. Using a cake screen may be a good idea.

  • Plastic chairs heat up quickly and may not be comfortable to sit on. consider chair covers for a few dollars more or other chair types.

  • Consider nude or more natural makeup or even a spray tan to keep from sweating your makeup off.

  • Just remember that it can get very hot and humid in the spring, summer and fall months and while it may be perfect for you, your bridal party and guests may get uncomfortable and irritable quite quickly.

  •  For your bridal attire, wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, choose lightweight materials that breathe and don’t cling for yourself and your bridal party. Groomsmen look great in coordinated colors and shorts can be cute. Bridesmaids can wear different styles and patterns in your wedding day color to keep the styles fresh and also truly feel good about what they are wearing.

  • Strapless dresses, short wedding dresses or tea length bridal gowns can be worn almost year round at Florida outdoor weddings

  • Headbands, tiaras and jewelry should be light in design and weight.

Don’t forget:

Hurricane season starts in June and runs through November so there may be some rainy days to contend with. Stay up to date with the Farmer’s Almanac.

Be safe and have fun in the Florida sun. Remember protect your skin, no matter what ethnicity you are. The sun is an equal opportunity burner. Stay hydrated and eat. Use sunblock and enjoy the sun responsibly. Florida is a beautiful state to have outdoor weddings, but please be prepared. We look forward to serving your wedding day needs.


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