Aug 17

Free Communication Weekend

On Friday (8/16/13), Saturday (8/17/13) and Sunday (8/18/13), ALL Chemistry.com users will be able to communicate for free



So you are looking to meet someone. Almost everyone is. So how do you find time with your busy schedule, your totally booked up party calendar, your do- gooder weekends, and hectic work out schedules? Well I suppose you have to start somewhere so let’s start by talking or communicating.

Not really into the bar scene, don’t grocery shop at the the natural food market….hmm you have a computer or a smart phone right? Bingo! Time to make things happen for yourself. You can find happy. You can find Chemistry. You can even find Love.

Chemistry.com Personality Type


There are supposedly 90 million singles out there. C’mon! and you are telling me you can’t find one or three? You have to get out there, get back in the game, brush the dust off of your personality and shown them what you have got going on.

Alright now that I have your attention. There are some rules and stuff.

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Put a creative catchy spin on who you are, what you do and what you believe.
  3. Put your best pic forward. Make sure it looks like you.
  4. Put your interests out there. Make sure they are things you actually like to do and not what you think makes you sound interesting
  5. Be ok with looking for your match. Online dating is no longer taboo.
  6. Don’t get bummed if you don’t make a connection right away…remember 90 million singles
  7. Be aggressive…remember 90 million singles
  8. Heck..It’s free for the weekend..at least give it a go!
  9. Lastly, once you find your match. Know when to quit!


Chemistry may be magnetic and instant, but don’t loose your head about things. Always be safe and avoid being in a position that may compromise your safety and heart. Meet in public places. Read between the lines and Don’t dish out what you don’t want returned. Now my lovelies…Go have fun!



There is a match for everyone. See what Chemistry you have. Enjoy the freebie!




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By Sheri Thomson