Jun 30

Goodbye June

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30 days have September, April, June, November….

Well it is the end of the month. Congratulations to all of my June couples. June is usually the busiest month for weddings in most places throughout the world. I had my fair share of weddings this month, however, It was not my busiest month. February still is holding onto the top spot for 2014 so far. I guess the month of love was more favorable due to it not being so hot.


June is hot and you are dodging rain most days but it usually holds out during the ceremony after the initial bit of rain earlier in the day. Don’t forget to have a plan B location if you are planning outdoor weddings in June, July and August in Florida.

July is a little slower for me so hopefully I will be able to add a few more weddings to the Real Weddings portion of my website and make some other adjustments. I have some interviews I can now make time to do and maybe sneak in time for a good book.

There are still 6 more months to make amazing connections and meet wonderful couples and I look forward to each and every endeavor! Numerically speaking there are still some prime dates available but they won’t last long. Schedule your wedding ceremony with I DO Weddings by Sheri!

Here’s a nice June Poem, I would like to share with you:

If not for June,
My memories of Winter in December…
With a wish to witness,
The freshness of Spring March would bring…
Would not still remain so vivid.
As if only yesterday visited.
If not for June.

If not for June,
My eyesight would not be teased…
By the freedom felt in Summer,
With hopes that linger of those things I could do,
Under clear skies showing bright Sun.
And seeing the fun shared by nearly everyone,
If not for June.

And if not for June I would not be able to reminisce,
From so many experiences I could pick.
June seems to be the month I can do this.
With a thankfulness I am still in the midst,
Of a year that appears to have just begun.
With so much left to offer before it is done.
And for me this happens only when June comes.
Lawrence S. Pertillar

Jen and Nico-08a

Couples are already gearing up for next year’s weddings. I am available to start taking wedding dates through 2016. Book your favorite date now before it becomes unavailable. Stay tuned for more wedding inspiration and posts.

I hope to be a part of even more wonderful weddings next year.

Good bye June, Hello next 6 wedding months!

By Sheri


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