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Planning your Honeymoon

Part of the excitement of getting married is the accompanying honeymoon. Usually a few days to a few months depending on your work schedule, accumulated time off and to whom you have married, and how much you have set aside, this is the time to totally focus on just the two of you before the responsibilities of married life take over. A time to reconnect and refocus and enjoy the blossoming love of husband and wife or new couple.


Deciding where to go

The first thing you may want to do when planning for your honeymoon is choose a budget. then a location. Next determine if you will need a travel agent or if you feel comfortable doing your own planning, research and booking.  Plan as far out as possible to have plenty of room to negotiate and check comparative prices. If you are having a destination wedding, decide if you want the honeymoon to be in the same place as the wedding. Will it be just the bride and groom or will it be a family get together? With family dynamics ever evolving, some couples already have children and the tradition of honeymooning becomes more of a Family-moon. It is still important to have some private times and activities to connect. Couples need time to themselves and a honeymoon is a great way to capture the allure of love and romance.
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Choose a place where both can appreciate the amenities of the destination. If you are wanting a tropical vacation then going anywhere with a beach culture should suffice. History buffs may prefer Italy or Pennsylvania or the Capital. Adventurist may want access to the Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours) and ecological tour (Everglades Airboat Tours Start at Just $48!). Always wanted to go to Disney, well Florida or California has got you covered. Keeping the honeymoon location a surprise? you obviously are a person who is especially attuned to your fiance and know how best to pick a surprise location for the honeymoon.

Once you have decided on a place to fit your needs, expectations and wants, you will need to go ahead and start the booking process. Talk to a qualified travel agent. If doing all the booking yourself, make sure you use reputable websites and also do some searching about the surrounding areas so you know how to get along, what other travelers are saying, what areas you should avoid and potential dangers to look out for. Decide if you want an all inclusive resort or cruise or not. All inclusive providers handle pretty much everything you need in one cost eliminating the need to carry lots of cash. Ask about the tipping policies.

If going abroad make sure you have made arrangements to get your passports well in advance of your actual wedding date so that you are not having to drive for hours to get it done last minute. Make sure you are properly immunized and have a general awareness of American politics in the area. While most people have wonderful honeymoons, you don’t want to take unnecessary risks or not be familiar enough with the traditions that you diminish or insult your host state or country. When drinking be responsible.

Paying for the honeymoon

Decide up front how you are going to finance the honeymoon. Honeymoons are traditionally paid for by the groom or by the parents of the bride and groom. But again, with all of the changing family dynamics, many couples are funding their own weddings and honeymoons and some use the registry process as a way to help finance the trip.
Once you have chosen a honeymoon destination. You will want to get packing. Start by making a list. Use one of the popular cell phone apps like androids Google keep, Evernote, Iphone’s Awesomenote, 2Do or Todist. also install a great calendar app to keep your planning on target and never forget any activities you have planned.


Make sure you are up to date on your shots. It also wouldn’t hurt to begin a regimen that helps to build up your immune system at least 30 days in advance. Take vitamin C, E, D and B vitamins or whatever regimen you are already doing, don’t stop.

Let’s get Packing

A strategy that works well is packing for him, her, and children. Consider the activities beyond the wedding you have planned.  Before packing and choosing your luggage, research what is acceptable to pack and carry on flights. You want to be aware and responsible if flying. Below are simply suggestions.

Your luggage

Less is well… actually less. With the rising cost of carrying luggage you will want to pack smart. Use large pieces that are well compartmentalized. Also make sure you have a well packed carry-on.

Your Valuables

Be safe. Use the safes provided or leave them at home and wear faux jewelry or none at all. Look into travel insurance that would cover you in the instance of loss or theft.

Your electronics

  • Plan your trip with smartphones, gps, online maps of travel route and area visiting.
  • cell phone, cell phone accessories, chargers, cables,
  • usbs and sd cards, cameras, lenses, camera cords, batteries
  • e-cigs, headphones, mini speakers, mp3, I-phone, travel alarm clocks
  • personal massagers, grooming products like shavers, electronic toothbrushes as well as manual toothbrushes, batteries
  •  laptops, tablets, hand held electronic games, stylus, cases
  • translator app or a language book

Your medications, medical devices and personal items

  • Pack all prescription medicines you have to take including birth control
  • Antibiotic creams, cortisone creams for bug bites
  • Aloe, sunscreen, and sunblock (preferably waterproof)
  • insect repellent
  • anti-diarrhea, something for motion sickness, antacids
  • lubricants, massage oils, condoms
  • pain relievers
  • glasses, glasses case and possibly an extra pair pf glasses, sunglasses
  • cpap, oxygen, canes, braces for knees and elbows, diabetes test strips, etc
  • asthma inhalers
  • allergy medicines
  • antibacterial wipes
  • tampons and pads
  • douche
  • lip balm
  • toothbrush, floss
  • baby powder
  • acne or blemish products
  • scrunchies, rubber bands, hair clips
  • facial cleansers, make up removers
  • tweezers
  • make up , lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, concealer, moisturizer, primers, exfoliate, mascara
  • deodorant
  • blow dryer- although most hotels have one
  • additional sheets and towels
  • bedbug spray
  • first aid kit

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Documents and Money

  • Valid Ids, Passports
  • Address list for emails and sending postcards, writing thank yous
  • Business cards
  • Auto insurance and registration  (if driving at any point)
  • List and/or (photos)of all of the items you have packed- useful in case of theft or loss
  • Marriage License
  • Medical history if necessary
  • Emergency contact list and Embassy address if going abroad
  • Frequent flyer cards
  • Airline tickets
  • Cash for emergencies, tips, currency trading, and shopping
  • Pre-paid phone card
  • Travelers checks
  • Itinerary (also leave a copy with someone you trust in the case of an emergency)


Anything you wear at home, you would wear on vacation except for the addition of wedding clothes

For Her

For Him

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Remember when packing for little ones that may accompany you on your trip, they need exactly the same stuff you do in addition to

  • their favorite toy and/or blanket.
  • snacks
  • bottles and formula,
  • diapers
  • rash ointments
  • pacifiers
  • strollers,carriers, slings
  • diaper bag
  • breast pump

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