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How much are wedding flowers?

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The Cost of Wedding Flowers

Having beautiful wedding flowers is all part of the dream of having a visually stunning wedding day. But how much are wedding flowers anyway? How much of your budget should be allotted for flowers for your special day? In this article I am referring to live flowers.

Many brides go into wedding planning with a budget and almost always under plan for the expense of live flowers. So they make the trip to the popular flower shop to peruse the sample arrangements and drool over the wedding books, instantly falling in love with the perfect bouquet of her dreams and as the florist looks down at that book and utters the price with an expectant smile…That bouquet costs how much? …  is the usual response as the bride throws up a little in her mouth, rapidly blinks the dizziness away and quickly re-evaluates how important of a role flowers play in her pending nuptials.

I recently met with a bride who was a bit dismayed at the price of wedding flowers. So I asked how much she was quoted and she stated on average about $400 for a live bouquet for just herself. She stated she had called several places. That $400 did not cover any of the bridal party. Because it is not a first time wedding, the role of the wedding flower is considerably less than say…it would be… for a first time bride. So she decided to go the wholesale route and see if that experience will be better. She indicated going wholesale she was able to get all the flowers she needed for herself, the groom, family members and the bridal party for about half of prices she was quoted. Essentially she is cutting out the middle man, and saving on the brick and mortar mark up that is factored into doing business.

Stay tuned as she said she will let me know how the experience turns out for her June wedding later this month.

So with my interested peaked. I decided to share a little wedding flower 101 with you. These prices absolutely can vary and may be way more or way less in your area. Be advised this is very generalized and probably more on the low end for pricing. Please, as with any other post do your own pricing research. If you have any useful suggestions, pointers or tips that you would like to share with other brides, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Most wedding coordinators and bridal planning guides suggest that couples set aside between eight and ten percent of their total wedding budget to cover floral expenses. Depending on a couple’s budget, this may mean wedding flowers cost between $1000 – $3,000 on the low end, and $5000- $10,000+ on the higher end. Costs for specific types of flowers can vary widely based on several different factors, like your location, the supplier, transportation costs, season availability, and the degree of creativity involved in the style you request along with any embellishments.


Money saving tips:

  • You can use filler flowers such as baby’s breath, lavender, aster, delphinium or Queen Anne’s lace can make you bouquet look fuller and allow for you to use a fewer amount of premium flowers in your bouquet.
  • Provide your own embellishments (brooches, pins, crystal sprays, etc).
  • Order in- season blooms

  • Your flowers do not have to match your wedding colors exactly. A fresh pop of vibrant color in a different hue can be stunning and tasteful.

  • Use high end flowers in your bouquet and more affordable flowers for the wedding party

  • Cut down on the amount of flowers you will use

Your Standard Wedding Flowers
Some general conservative starting figures for wedding flower expenses:

Bride’s bouquet: $350 and much higher
Bridesmaids’ bouquets (each): $75 or higher
Corsages and boutonnieres (each): $15-30 or higher
Head wreaths and floral hair pins (each): $50 or higher
Toss bouquet for the reception: $150 or higher
Church altar flowers (each arrangement): $300 or higher
Pew flowers (each): $50 or higher
Reception centerpieces (each arrangement): $75 or higher
Flower girl bouquet or petals: $45 or higher
Floral cake topper: $80 or higher


Did you know that those lovely carpets of petals or aisles of petals cost by the rose.

You may need more floral arrangements for your wedding day. In addition to the popular wedding flower arrangements, many couples opt add flowers throughout their venues or venue spaces. think about including:

  • Wreath for the church or reception hall door

  • Flowers to decorate a wedding arch

  • Accents for the cake table and guest book table

  • Petals or floral urns to decorate the exterior of the church or reception venue

  • Special flowers for the interior or exterior of the limousine

  • Arrangement for the restrooms at the reception

These additional arrangements will need to be included into your initial budget so you are prepared for the added expense. Re-purpose some of the arrangements at both the church and the reception, to save money. Flower studios may be a little more expensive than your traditional flower shop as they are usually highly creative and specialize in weddings. You will not be disappointed, but be prepared to pay for the top notch quality and creativity.

Remember, your wedding flower expenses will vary, depending on where you live, the local florists, whether you are using a master florist or a start up florist and what blooms are available seasonally and locally, and the total amount of flowers or blooms you need.  See if your florist offers package deals.

You can choose to order flowers wholesale and put them together yourself or see if your florist will do it if you supply the flowers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions it may just save you money. You will need to make sure you have planned accordingly because live flowers don’t have a long shelf life, and the way they are stored, handled and cut once you receive them could greatly affect how they look in the end.

*As with all DIY projects try a trial run with flowers from a local vendor before tackling such an important aspect for you or a friend’s wedding day.

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This bride’s wedding bouquet cost less than $20. How did she do it? See her story here

Consider silk or artificial flowers or even a bouquet made of brooches. See examples here. The cost may not be much cheaper but it’s always a good idea to consider your options.

Shop whole sale flowers for your event.

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