May 22

Intimate Cocoa Beach Vows


Real Intimate Wedding

The brides- Nakita and Jasmine
The Date- Mother’s Day 2015
The location- Cocoa Beach
The Vibe- laid back casual Jamaican


here are a few pictures I captured of their special day with my Canon dslr and my Samsung Galaxy Note 4


The lovely couple drove down from Gainesville to exchange their vows on the sun kissed beach of Cocoa with their son and a cake that was made special for them. How fitting to have a wedding day on Mother’s day. Bride Nakita was also a new mother to baby Zyon. They repeated heartfelt vows of love and commitment in the shade of the Cocoa Beach boardwalk.


I captured a few shots of the couple after the ceremony. The love shared between this couple was palpable. The other beach patrons were respectable and even joked about the brides Jordan’s getting wet and sandy. I am so glad marriage equality has come to Florida. I am in the business of performing weddings and it is important to me to join people together that truly want to be in a legal committed relationship.


The beautiful rings they exchanged during the same sex ceremony


I love to see the beautiful moments in between when no one is really watching, how the couple interacts with one another as their true selves. Not the scripted oversell just for the camera and the crowd. The shy looks, the tears in their eyes as they fold and refold their vows, the slight tremor in their vow as they profess heir love…Those are the true moments that show the beauty of a couples love.

IMG_0034st2 20150510_110912a IMG_0005st IMG_0008st

Playing in the low tide where the ocean kisses the land, they proudly display bride  Jasmine’s Jamaican roots in the colorful fashion they wore. I love the suspenders and cute bow tie.

Truly a new family moment with baby Zyon.


and of course the beautiful cake with the custom made topper

20150510_102918a 20150510_102910st

Weddings, no matter how big or how small, how fancy or casual, are made up of all of these little moments. Love is Love. Another happy Florida couple.

 Message from the brides- Thank you sooo much, you have no idea how much we appreciate everything.




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