Mar 03

Oscar Themed events

Also known as Hollywood or movie themed weddings and events can be realized in a multitude of ways. From high end glitz and glamour to more low key prop heavy events.  There are production companies like C&S Themed Events  and rental places like Event-Options you can use in Orlando to achieve the authenticity of a real Hollywood Soiree.  Of course your color scheme will be Black, White, Reds and Golds but I am sure there are some fabulously creative people out there who can make a whole new take on Hollywood Night.

Some ideas for your Oscar themed Parties  and get your Free Download here Baron5 Baron6st Melissa and Jade 002 Baron1

Have fun things like ballots and bingo.

Have scrumptious finger foods aptly named after Hollywood stars and starlets.

sushi appetizers sundriedtomatgoatcheese chipotlemeatball cranbluecheese filled tomatoes tapenadeflatbrd

Be even more creative with having anti oscar themed foods like razzy bites or fried green tomatoes.

Be creative seating your guests. Here’s some ideas from decoratingfiles.com

oscar watch seating

Use live florals and feathers and lots of sparkle and bling to elevate the event. Elegant place settings and formal eating spaces.

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Tiny finger foods or a full course sit down meal! You choose your night.  Black and white photos of past actors, stars, starlets and entertainers lend authenticity to your theme.

Perhaps have a live band, soloist or other musicians to entertain your guests with popular songs.

All of these ideas can also be used for Hollywood themed weddings as well. Have a red carpet entrance, a stage for the bridal party, let your photographers be the paparazzi.  More ideas here.

Well, whatever you decide to do make sure its lots of fun with your closest family and friends and the event is sure to be a smash!

By Sheri Thomson I DO Weddings by Sheri