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Culture and Soul

Bride– JahanIMG_0069st
Groom– Shawn
Wedding Date– 08/17/2013
LocationRosen College of Hospitality Management
Style– Formal, Elegant, Asian Inspired
Colors– white, gold, black

 Romantic Soul-mate Ceremony in the Courtyard

I was able to speak with the groom for a bit before meeting with the bride. He told me how they met and during our talk he shared how much he cared for Jahan. He said she was his soul-mate and how her being a part of his life made him a better person. It is rare for grooms to take a front seat position in the wedding details but he was definitely a pleasure to talk to and he was absolutely smitten over his bride to be Jahan. They met at a time in their lives when they were in transition. They are both very driven, professionally and personally and seemed to be a wonderful match. They were surrounded by family and friends that came from  as far away as England. The day was a bit rainy but held out during the ceremony. This was much too beautiful a ceremony to be held indoors.

From the Ceremony 

Jahan and Shawn chose to have a romantic Soul mate ceremony

To the Guests
Family, Friends and Guests of the bride and groom, I must now ask you; do you pledge to support and uphold their marriage, sustaining them in their struggles and rejoicing with them in the happiness of their new life together? And if so please respond by saying “but of course” The guests responded enthusiastically “But of Course”!

The bride and groom both read vows they had written.

Shawn to Jahan-My heart has been yours since the first time I saw you. Every morning I look into your eyes I get filled with inspiration to carry out my day. You have made me want to be a better person and I will do everything in my power to bring you happiness.  If you are ever lost, I will find you and align us back to our journey. I vow to support you in everything you do. Accept you for the things you can’t do. And love you for everything you are. I will always be your rock and my love for you will never fade. Thank for my being my love, my happiness and my life

Jahan to Shawn-My very soul has cried out and your soul has answered with beauty and love, making me complete.  I believe you were made just for me and I, for you. I take you into my care and responsibility for as long as there is breath in my body. To love you as no other, to cherish you above all else and provide for your happiness. With complete devotion, to you alone, from this day forward I can do no other. You are mine, and I am yours


Asian and Middle Eastern Inspired Decor and Fashion ruled this colorful and beautiful event. The groom wore an elaborate traditional Sherwani and the bridal party wore an assortment of colorful Sari’s and Sherwanis. The bride’s uncle chose her wedding dress so the bride did not know what it looked like until it arrived. I think the uncle did very well. Don’t you?

Wedding Eye Candy

Enjoy the pictures I took.


The ceremony and reception were filled with beautiful florals


 The venue had to set, remove and reset the ceremony space to accommodate the intermittent rain that day.



The couple decided on a sand ceremony to enhance their union



   The groom




The parents of the bride


    one of the flower girls


   ring bearer and flower girlsIMG_0053st

The guests and bridal party dressed in Asian, and Indian attire





The planner helps the bride out by donating her sandals to sooth the brides achy feet.IMG_0078st IMG_0091st

The reception was beautifully appointed in rich gold, ivory, glass and crystals. The bride and groom were introduced after a drum fanfare and the reception was underway.


IMG_0029st receptcoll1

The groom’s mom and grandmotherIMG_0095stIMG_0098st

The bride and groom danced their first dance.danceCollage

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