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A Priceless Minnie vow renewal

IMG_0123aBride Devine Hawley
Groom James Hawley
Wedding date 12/27/2013
Wedding Colors Red, Gray, Black, White
Wedding Theme  Mickey and Minnie Mouse

James and Devine had paths that crossed many times before they realized they were destined for one another. Their original marriage was a small civil ceremony at their local courts. It was important to both of them to do this renewal their way in a place of their choosing because the relationship they have is so special.

 The Ceremony

This was a renewing of our vows for our 5 year anniversary since we hadn’t had the chance to experience a wedding on our original day of marriage. We wanted the experience very intimate with only our sons and their grandparents. The whole event was combined into a two week vacation in Walt Disney World with the wedding in the middle of the vacation. We chose The Memories Collection Package with Disney.

The ceremony was a beautiful religious vow renewal. Since this was a Disney themed wedding I made vow cards for the couple for the portion of the vow the spoke together. The ceremony included a personalized hand ceremony, several Biblical readings and two sets of vows. Devine and James honored their children Bryson and Luke by including a child vow. The Violinist played softly as the bride entered escorted on her father’s arm and several selections after the ceremony. The Vow Renewal was originally to be held outside of the Grand Floridian but the weather decided not to cooperate. So it was moved inside to one of the interior upstairs restaurants with huge floor to ceiling windows. Since the couple had a Disney photographer, I did not take very many pictures.

Meet the couple-


What has kept your romance alive?
•We go out or do something special at home twice a week just the two of us.
•We talk over the phone during lunch during work days cause we can’t stand to be apart and 2nd we always need to make sure emotional the both of us are doing alright.
•We use nicknames for each other to remind ourselves how valuable one another is. Jim calls me Queen Bee cause he wants my impute, has my respect and knows I can keep our busy bee hive running smooth. I call him Worker Bee cause he is a mover and a doer. He keeps the honey in our home safe, delicious and constantly flowing.
 What is the secret to your successful and happy marriage?
•We don’t expect each other to do gender rolls. All household chores, cooking and home maintance is done by whoever has time!
•We are equal partners.
•All finance and possessions are shared.
•Freedom to have one night a week to spend time with another friend or to just have me time.
•Teamwork. I suck at things she is good at and she sucks at things I am good at. Just what our family needs.
 What do you admire most about each other?
How we endure life… There are those who have ill wishes for us and try to steal away our happiness. On a monthly and even at time on a weekly basis we had others meddling with our life in one way or another. God ALWAYS prevails in the end with his edge of protection.
She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met! I can’t believe someone as hot as her is a bit interested in a dude like myself. I admire her for loving a basic kind of guy like me!
 What do you love most about each other?
I love how Jim is a true man!!! Gentle like a gentleman should be. His whole mannerisms and nature is of kindness and love. He is what God wants a husband to be.
I would think we know how each other function at a regular basis and know what kind of mood the other person is in at all times is a very strong reason why we love most about each other.
If you had only one word to describe each other what would it be?Why?
Husband: Giver. Jim does for others first before he does anything for himself. And he never expects anything in return.
Wife: Devine. Her name says it all. She is one of a kind. Unique in her creativity and thoughtfulness.

The Fashion

Where did you get your Bridal Attire? Tux? Bridal party fashion: I got my wedding dress brand new at a going out of business sale for $20. Groom tux was previously owned. Red Mickey Tie $20 on Ebay

 Who is the designer: My white cherry blossom beaded dress label said Morgan Co (Incidentally, Morgan is my maiden name)

Did you have any extra details added or taken away? Not Really


This was definitely an Intimate Destination Vow renewal with just the children and the brides parents attending

IMG_0109aDevine’s parents attended and dressed in wedding colors of red and black IMG_0115a

 James wore a nice red Mickey tie and a rose boutonniere


Devine added polka dot clipons to her shoes to mimic the iconic Minnie MouseIMG_0113a

 Bryson and Luke were decked out in Mickie Mouse ties, gray shirts, suspenders and black trousers

IMG_0125a IMG_0126a IMG_0100abIMG_0136a

The Bride sent me these pictures to share:733 747 750 763 785 796 859

The Details

Hair: Lisa’s Magical weddings. She came to my resort and did everything there.

Makeup: same as above

Shoes: I already owned my shoes but was able to score the cute polka dot shoe clips for $10 on Ebay

Jewelry: Tiara I got with red jeweled flowers on Ebay for $15. The white cherry rhinestone necklace was a gift.

Rings: No rings. To me wedding rings are price tags for others to see how much was spent on love. I refuse to sell my love, so no ring exchanging was done, with either my husband or I. Instead for our wedding photos we made “priceless” price tags and I wore it on my ring finger

Bride’s Accessories: Red Satin Opera gloves $10 on Ebay

Invitations: None were needed.

Photo Booth/Photographer:  Disney provided a professional  photographer with our wedding package.

Bouquets: Who designed? Disney Fairytale Weddings

Flowers: Disney’s Fairytale Weddings, Boutonniere was about $20 extra

Bridal Party Colors– same as wedding colors

Bridesmaid Dresses. Where purchased? Who designed? Decided not to have bridesmaids because of the heartache of choosing a select few. Either all of my dear girlfriends (which would have been 25 people) or none

Wedding Planner or Coordinator– Don’t have her name but she is not with the company anymore.

Venue Location.  Ceremony and Reception– please explain why you chose this location- Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.We wanted and elegant Victorian atmosphere…large staircase, gigantic ceilings, lots of windows and beautiful decor.

Catering: None, We wanted to eat at the Grand Floridian Restaurant and Cafe since it was so lovely

Musicians, DJs, Performers: Our package with Disney included a violinist who played different famous Disney melodies.

Transportation: Disney Limo service(also included in our package) provided transportation from our resort to the wedding and from the wedding to our honeymoon

Travel/Honeymoon:Disney’s New Orleans Resort. It went well with our Victorian theme. They also provided a 45 min horse drawn carriage ride for $45

Provide the names of anyone special you want included in your story: such as children or parents:  My youngest son Bryson, My oldest son Luke and my parents , mom Judy and father Sinclair.

Any Advice for future brides planning a wedding in Florida at the venue you used? If you want wedding photos next to Cinderella’s Castle make sure it is not in the month of December. Those photo shoots are done one hour before the park opens and in December the park isn’t closed to the public long enough to do them.

How was the process for obtaining the marriage license? Already had license, so not needed

Testimonial for I DO Weddings by Sheri– Sheri was very comforting and soothing to be around during our ceremony which I needed that cause I had the jitters at first. I found Sheri by chance online when looking for a wedding officiant. Her website and Facebook page just stood out to me from the others. Then once I talked to her over the phone, it confirmed she was the one! Very knowledgeable on so many wedding vow styles and ceremonies. She was very detailed learning about my husband and I so she could help us the best she could. Brainstorming with me on how to make our dreams into a reality. Sheri was more than just an officiant, she was like a 2nd wedding planner, really! Which makes sense cause she has had so much experience with so many weddings. We couldn’t of been more blessed to meet and get to know this talented woman.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. You and your family are beautiful people and I wish you continued love and happiness.

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