May 19

Surprise Vow Renewal



The Couple: Akia and Brian Brown
The Date: 05/16/2014
The Colors: Black and Silver
The Decor– royal Blue and silver with Crystals
The Location: Reunion Resort Kissimmee Florida
Theme: You are my world
The Mission: Plan Surprise Destination birthday party and add second surprise of vow renewal

Brian is the owner and CEO of BMB records and Akia is the owner of Brown Community Builders. They are both on instagram @bmbrecords and @browncommunitybuilders

This was under the guise of a business trip to the unsuspecting husband. He simply thought he was making a trip to Florida to view a deal or no deal showcase for new artist Cash Paid (see him on Instagram @iamcashpaid) for his entertainment company. So he flew in from Detroit none the wiser. Akia traveled from Detroit arriving only a few days before to finalize all the plans and make sure everyone was in place. Did I mention it was also Brian’s birthday.

As part of the surprise, signed music artist, Ravaughn, was flown in from California to serenade Brian and wow she has a beautiful voice.  Top notch personal chef, Chef Dee and DJ Slice were flown in from Detroit. Helping Akia with the arrangements was Treavion, a PR for BMB records. The wife acquired the gorgeous mansion at 905 Golden Bear Drive for this intimate surprise affair while friends and family flew in from Michigan, Atlanta, California and North Carolina. My friends at Acclaim Luxury Transportation in Orlando provided the upscale transportation services and it all went down where else… but lovely Reunion Resort in Kissimmee. The weather was gorgeous for a lovely spring event. Totally fitting for a vow renewal and reunion of heart and spirit.

Here are some pictures I captured after the ceremony.



Akia’s hair  was done by Charice Doe who also did double duty helping with the decorations. The cute black dress Akia wore came from Iris Fashions in Ferndale Michigan by designer Alyce.

 Akia shared that they had been together for a total of 17 years and married since 2010. They have walked together in love for a long time. Sharing ups and downs, growing through trials and tribulations. But at the end of the day, Love always won out.


 The couple jokingly exchanged candy rings as they had no desire to remove the originals





  The birthday cake was a literal interpretation of Akia’s theme and feelings for Brian

 After RaVaughn, sang ‘Spend my Life’-by Eric Benet, I entered the room and thanked the guests for being part of such an important time in  their lives and for joining the couple as they renewed their vows. (Queue dramatic pause) Everyone was surprised and happy and tears fell, applause and cheers  rang out. Brian was surprised as well as he had no clue about any of this, nor did any of the guests, but he managed to get down on one knee and look up at his wife with eyes filled with love. They both shared tear filled vows after a brief hand ceremony and then they did a symbolic ring vow. Keeping the rings they originally had but touching them as they repeated the re commitment vow.

The mansion venue was beautifully appointed with intricate wrought iron details, motion sensor entrances, marble details, massive hanging crystal chandeliers hung over the long formal dining table, an infinity pool and several balconies to take advantage of the lake view and golf course greens


The guests that made the trip for them all received thank you gift bags and had a bevy of sweets from the candy bar. Notice the peanuts on the candy bar and cake table? Brian’s nickname is Peanut. Cute right? It’s the details that sometimes tell the real story.



The personal chef supplied an ice sculpture that had Brian’s face etched in it and was surrounded by an array of fruits and salad was the first course. Unfortunately I did not stay for dinner so there are no pictures of the main course, but from the smells coming form the high tech kitchen I believe it was delicious.

IMG_0106stfirst course meal was a delicious looking spring saladIMG_0109st

Here is just one line from Akia’s vows. Showing the depth of her commitment to her husband….’I consent that on this day I reaffirm renew rejuvenate refresh and extend all my love all my trust all my faith loyalty joy honesty affection appreciation devotion fidelity tenderness passion zeal fondness delight amity friendship Past my mind Beyond my heart from the Depths of my Soul.’ Brian’s vows were equally heartfelt and were done on the spot so I was not able to capture the power of his words but let’s just say, I was needing tissue.

 Finally reaching a destination in their relationship where they are both happy, successful and recommitted in love.Thank you Mr. and  Mrs. Brown for sharing your vow renewal moment with I DO Weddings by Sheri. May you continue to have many more happy years  together.


  Marriage is not a perfect process. It is a journey you have willingly taken together. Loving and Learning along the way.IMG_0011st

 Clouds may hide the sun for a while, but remember the love you share and the sun will shine brightly in your marriage once more.


The night finished with guests dining and dancing and celebrating the happiness and longevity of the relationship between Akia and   Brian.  Happy Birthday Brian and Congrats to your both Mr. and Mrs. Brown on renewing your love for one anther in beautiful Central Florida.


You can see more pictures and videos from this event on instagram at #bmbourworld




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