Jun 10

Tech-nically Meeting


The Word Is…
June 2013 edition

Today I am finding that about 3/4 of my wedding clients have met their fiance, spouse or partner on a website. In addition, about half of them popped the question by text message.

Although I have not been keeping exact count of the sites but it seems some of the more favored sites for my clients have been
Plenty of Fish
—This is where I met my husband

It’s funny how a few years can radically change the perspective on an idea that was at one time so taboo. (that is a loaded statement, I now realize and so we will leave the discussion on that for another time) I must admit, I was on the naysayer train for a while myself, but working 12 hr days did not leave time to hit the clubs or meet people in any traditional sense. So it was actually my kids who suggested using the internet. I am forever thankful to them as I had a great experience and a happy ending.(going on 7 years of marriage)

Do you think some of the romance is going out the window as traditional courting is being replaced by techy things like sexting and chat rooms. It can definitely be safer in some instances but can also lead to unfavorable things like cyber stalking and loss of confidential information. Do you think the online persona is different than the real deal? I have heard stories of people meeting online, falling hook, line and sinker, getting married quickly or even moving in together, sometimes, relocating great distances to find that the relationship was much better in theory than in reality.

Match.com has ads about events where there members can meet up in person and do activities. Obviously even they saw a potential need. I wonder what the success percentage ratio is of people that did not get divorced who met online. I am not saying necessarily that the number would be totally accurate as a lot of people stay married that probably shouldn’t. But I am sure someone somewhere is probably keeping track.

A couple I married over the weekend mentioned they met on a disabled persons website. I found that interesting. There is truly a site for everyone….

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by Sheri Thomson