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The Perfect Wedding dress

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So you have been dreaming about the beautiful wedding dress you will walk down the aisle in since you were 6..Maybe not…Obtaining your bridal dress is one of the most important traditions in preparations for your wedding day. I used the word obtaining as opposed to shopping because some brides have a tradition of wearing a family heirloom or perusing online shops while most  brides will frequent bridal salons and boutiques. Whatever your tradition is, there are some truths that remain the same.

Here’s a bit of wedding dress 101. A few wedding dress buying tips for all brides, all shapes, all sizes and color.

  1.  It should be a time of happiness and joy. Go into it with a great attitude. It should be fun!

  2. It should feel like a special occasion and the dress should fit your physique well. A well fitted dress can be stunning and not rely on bling and over the top details to make a statement.

  3. The material, cut and color should all be flattering to your body type, shape, and skin color. You don’t want to have a color that makes your skin looked washed out or accentuate your skin tone in an odd color. The dress should emphasize your best attributes, not make glaringly obvious your areas of concern. Once on, it should inspire confidence and make you feel beautiful. An added bonus is when others see you in the dress they are also wowed. This last part can be tricky and depending on who you audience is may factor heavily on the response you receive. If it is your mother’s dress, she could be biased. That may not always be a good thing. If you are not one of those fashion conscious people, trust your consultant to be honest. They are there to make sure you are happy when you leave. Your repeat business is important. If you feel like you and your consultant are on different ends of the spectrum. Go somewhere else. (Remember rule #1)

  4. Consider carefully who you take with you when you go shopping for your dress. Make sure you you are on a level where honesty and truth prevail and jealousy and wishful thinking are put aside. Also remember that whoever you take with you has to remember it is your day and they cannot live through you vicariously.

  5. Do your homework before you shop for a gown. This is a major purchase.

  6. A lot of wedding dress sizes differ from regular dress sizes. If purchasing online or internationally always check and recheck the sizing chart and order the correct size, never order smaller. Also read reviews.

  7. The material should be appropriate for the time of season, your location and the theme of your day. Does it make a lot of noise when you walk? Is is itchy or prickly? Is it smooth and quiet?

  8. Are you hot in it…like temperature rising sweat through your deodorant hot? Does it pick up light in a flattering way? Is there too much of it for your body, or not enough for your body?

  9. Does it minimize appropriately? Does it maximize where needed?

  10. Know the main bridal styles of silhouettes: Ballgown, Sheath, Mermaid, A-line, Empress, Grecian. Each silhouette is made for a specific body type and shape.Find the one that flatters you the most.

  11. Know your necklines: Sweetheart, Square, One-shoulder, Off the Shoulder, Halter, V-neck, Strapless, Spaghetti strap, Sabrina, Scoop, Jewel, Portrait (GLOSSARY courtesy the Knot)

  12. Know what kind of bride and woman you are. Are you Elegant and Luxurious, Classic and Timeless, Glamorous and Dramatic, Chic and Modern or Vintage and Pin Up? This will help you to find your overall bridal style and let you own whatever you decide to purchase. There are few things more amazing than a beautiful, confident, well dressed, stylish bride.

  13. You may not find your dress the first time out or online. Don’t worry… it’s still waiting for you. It will be perfect.

click on the images below for examples of some dress styles, necklines, silhouettes and material:

icon icon icon

some dresses cross many styles..


Once you find your dream dress, don’t ruin the effect with the wrong, veil, accessories or shoes.These choices are essential to the overall look. Less is more sometimes with veils and jewelry and comfort and style can be had but look carefully and choose wisely when choosing how to dress your toes.

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