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The Public proposal

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You’ve decided  that you have found the “one”. You have saved up and purchased the perfect ring and now all you have to do is make the proposal amazing. Not too hard right?

From high altitudes to underwater with sea creatures, Those in love are getting bolder and more creative. In the techy world we live in there is plenty of competition to be the most unique, garner the most views and one up the next person. It all eventually boils down to love and affection and we love to get teary eyed right along with the next person.


Deciding to take the big step of getting married in and of itself can be daunting. The planning, the guest list, figuring out if you really can love this person for the rest of your life among other things…whew. But how do you stand out? How do you make the memory of your proposal unique, special and throw the odds in your favors of getting a Yes. That is also the chance you take, a public refusal…YIKES! I am not going to include any rejections in this blog to keep the spirit of forever after alive, but I am sure you have come across them. Enjoy!

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Red Sox fan pulls off most awkward proposal ever – MLB News FOX Sports on MSN – people were so focused on the fact that he did not get downon one knee or produce a box or even put it on her finger…..Hmmm, I thought I was going somewhere with this…Oh Yeah, As long as she was happy and she clearly looked happy

Outrageous Wedding Proposals More Than Just Taking a Knee – AOL On– News anchors highlight a few special proposals

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Sweetest Proposal Ever – YouTube– singing proposal

The Proposal – YouTube

Worlds most beautiful wedding proposal , just like in the movies!! – YouTubeJared Diamond Engagement Ring 1 1/2 ct tw Marquise 14K White Gold- Engagement Rings

Top Ten YouTube Proposals #6 – YouTube-proposal in the country

The cutest Gay Proposal – YouTube– proposal on ice


Sweetest Proposal of All Time – YouTube

Sweetest Proposal Ever – YouTube

MAGIC PROPOSAL!!! – YouTube– lucky Orlando Magic dancer gets a public proposal after her performance

Holt Ashley A Fairytale Proposal – YouTube– this took a lot of planning an dcooperation of family and friends. Just goes to show when someone pays attention

Gay proposal – YouTube

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Funniest Beach Proposal – YouTube

Courtney proposes– what better time to propose than when family and friends are already gathered to celebrate your birthday

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AMAZING Genuine Marriage Proposal – YouTube – rooftop proposal

African American proposal– genuine proposal at a family dinner

Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!! – YouTube

World’s Most Beautiful Marriage Proposal – YouTube

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There are tons of proposal ideas online and I just shared a few. The movie trailer themed proposal has picked up a lot of steam and is being used in proposals from actual movie theaters to church announcements.

If you have been a part of a special proposal set up or the receiver of a public proposal, leave a comment with your info and a link to your video. Venue owners, wedding planners and family and friends are welcome to make submissions. I would love to share them with my readers!

No matter what your proposal style is does not matter as long as it is important to you and the one you hope to spend the rest of your life with. There are no right way and wrong ways to go about it. It’s your life, your love, and hopefully without an epic fail; your marriage.

It’s always a great time to be engaged!


Did you know the most popular time to be asked to be married is the Christmas season, followed closely by Valentines day ?

The ring finger is said to be the lifeline to the heart, or rather contain a vein that leads to the heart. That is why the ring is placed on the 4th finger. On the left in American weddings and the right in European weddings. (although there is scientific fact it is not really connected to the heart, it is still a timeless and steadfastly honored tradition)

by Sheri Thomson

I DO Weddings by Sheri/ The Word Is.. August 2013 edition