May 27

The R word

white flowerThe Word Is…. May Editions 


Keeping it alive in a short term relationship , let alone a lengthy monogamous marriage can offer up some challenges and definitely need a bit of creativity and planning. With the responsibilities of every day, Romance just like your health needs to be exercised regularly. Not just for the enjoyable physical end result, but for the emotional health benefit as well. Happy, satisfied couples are productive and lasting couples. Be faithful. This is a big deal. Put all of your energy into loving the one you have chosen as your partner for life.

Honor them by being faithful and totally devoted. Nothing is more satisfying and enjoyable than knowing that in all the world of social media and crazy, tragic happenings, that the one you have chosen for your wife or husband loves you truly, faithfully and wholeheartedly.

Little things like holding hands while walking, opening the door for one another, bring home a cupcake or sandwich from a favorite restaurant, brushing or braiding the others hair, a gentle massage, riding bikes together in a park or just a a quick note on a sticky, telling of your love for them or how they enhanced your life can be a great way to reconfirm your feelings and turn up the romance a notch.

Truthfully, while daily reminders are optimal, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I know , we get it, you are busy, you are tired, you have a million commitments and only so many hours in the day. The plight of the grown up…But consider this,  Most romantic gestures take less time than it does to brush your teeth. (if you are using the two minute rule)


Now if spicing up the sex or simply increasing it is your goal. I have a few ideas that might be fun below. Incorporate your daily chores into sexy bets. Play cards or a game and loser has to sponge bath the winner. (Is there really a loser?) A rose or more exotic flower on a pillow along with a spicy picture or piece of lingerie can be a neat suggestive surprise.

Complete a project together and your reward is a date night or a spa trip. Adversity and competition is a great way to heat up romance. Gain new business clients or serve a specific number of customers, Solve an issue together, Complete a difficult task, go back to school, Learn something new together, Join a group, volunteer for something, Help someone less fortunate together, Remember you are a team. At the end you will have uplifted yourselves and others and that makes you one sexy individual.


Here are 10 simple little ideas that may end up with big pay off in the bedroom:

 1. Surprise your spouse by making (or ordering) an intimate dinner just for two and eating naked.

 2. Take turns feeding dessert to each other …and yes… pun intended.

 3. How  about a bedtime story….pull out that e-reader and download some free erotica. Take turns reading or being the characters in the story. Try to get to the end of the story!

 4.  Role Play. Be the naughty school teacher, the bad boy biker or a stripper for the night. Use your imagination and have fun.

 5. Remember when going to the movies meant serious make out sessions? Psst…It’s still dark in movie theaters. Go to the midnight showing and sit up high for more privacy.

 6. Got a clue? Leave little love note clues that lead to a great restaurant and date night.

  7. Toys can be fun for adults too! Lock the door and break out the toy chest. Toys are more than whips and chains, try yummy heated oils, whip cream, decadent foods and play dress up. Learn about new ways to enhance your lovemaking together.

 8. Send a car to pick up your spouse, leave newly bought outfit on the bed. Meet at a romantic spot and take it from there.

 9. Take a walk by the lake, hold hands and actually listen to each other, don’t be afraid to be silly and laugh.

 10. 50 kisses… you have to say I love you after each kiss and you cannot kiss the same spot twice…unless the kissee asks you to.


* Destination exploration. Make time to see what works for your partner sexually. Talk, explore, experiment, try new things, set boundaries, and test limits, be honest and go for it! The payoff should be mind blowing.



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