Aug 07

The uh ohs of Home weddings

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The Word Is … August Edition

I must admit. I really enjoy home weddings. The coziness, the closeness, the semi- casual atmosphere even when everyone is dressed up and especially the way a home and backyard is transformed for the wedding day.

While home weddings are definitely with merit I caution you of the potential woes and hope to help you navigate through some of the potential unexpected little and sometimes big details that could possibly derail your whole day. Ten tips to consider.

It’s your home. First and foremost, consider that your wedding day and memories will be with you forever as you traverse the halls, and relax on your back porch of your home. It doesn’t matter if you are having an extravagant wedding in a mansion to an intimate affair in a subdivision, you will want to have happy memories.

Be the bride not the host. Don’t feel you have to greet your guests as they arrive, you should be getting ready for your wedding. The first time they should see you is when you make your grand entrance. Have refreshments, programs and possibly ushers to assist with your guests pre wedding needs.

You may save a ton of money on venue fees, but what happens if objects in your home, sentimental, or just valuable get damaged? Consider if the savings is worth the risk. Sometimes parents don’t monitor their children as well if they feel more comfortable in the surroundings and an active, bored or curious child or adult could cause sufficient damage.

Your kids and your guests’ children. While children are adorable at weddings, they too can be overstimulated, fussy or just tired. Consider hiring a wedding nanny or babysitter. They can be given a safe area to run and play and blow off steam or even take a nap while the adults party late into the evening. This is a great idea so that there are less chance of accidents, accidental pool hazards or crying or shouting for their mommy every 20 minutes.

Your pets. Pets may need to be kept out of sight or away from guests. They can easily get excited, over stimulated or overwhelmed if there are too many people. Consider a pet sitter or a pet spa for your wedding day. Also note if you have a pet that that goes in the back yard, please make sure your yard is free of surprises. There is nothing worse than having to tip toe around the yard. This takes the focus away from your guests being in the moment with you.

Finish your home projects prior to planning your wedding day. Trying to plan a wedding is stressful. Trying to multitask with home projects can rob you of precious time needed to focus on and discuss all of the details of your wedding day. It can also be the source of unnecessary angst. He may want to talk about tile cutters and rain gutters and you want his opinion on what shade of green the napkins should be.

Buying or renting. Consider whether you should buy your wedding supplies or rent them. For example- A back yard tent. Is this something you will use throughout the years for future entertainment? If you answered yes-Then buying your own tent would be more cost effective. Buying 700 mason jars on the other hand, unless you are planning on starting a jelly business… Perhaps you should speak to your caterer or wedding designer.

A wedding planner or Day of Coordinator is still a good idea. It can be hard to feel like a bride and enjoy your day as it should be if you are micro managing everything and everyone. It’s your home, of course you are Queen of the castle, but for one day you are the Princess bride. Delegate responsibilities to your bridal party. Have a written plan of action so everyone knows what their roles are or just hire a professional. Enjoy the experience.

Have adequate seating and space. Guests still want to feel like they are at a wedding so a designated place to sit or stand is a great start. Make sure they know which areas of the home are accessible and which are off limits. Formally invite guests so that they show up timely. Also as a courtesy, you may want to inform your neighbors if there will be extra cars parked along the street and loud music during the reception

Hire professionals to handle your home affair. Usually they are licensed and insured. They will treat your guests with respect and clean up afterwards. You really shouldn’t have to be stuck doing dishes on your wedding night.

What’s the best home wedding you have every attended? Share your comments and pictures with me on Twitter and Facebook #besthomeweddingever



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