Sep 13

Trends Now!

 The expression of the wedding droning on, takes on a whole new meaning in 20133DR ArduCopter Hexa-B Frame

Technology plays such a big part in our lives now and is being integrated into the wedding process from the proposal to the actual wedding ceremony. Photographers and techies have a new piece of equipment in their arsenal.

Personal use Drones are now being used quite successfully to capture moments, pop the question and record moments from your special day that would not otherwise be available. From simple backyard weddings to grand affairs, this is a trend that is quickly gaining speed. Add some great music and you end up with some great wedding memories unlike the traditional videography standards.


Check out the videos below.

Note: These drones can be very dangerous and mishaps can and do occur. Technically, personal use drones are not yet licensed out for commercial use purposes due to FAA regulations for airspace but by 2015, the licensing and guidelines are expected to be more relaxed.Here is a great article by a photographer concerning this matter-http://fstoppers.com/using-drones-faa-approval-photos-or-video-is-illegal  There is a list of all the licenses thus far that have been granted. 

Parrot Ar Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Remote Control By Idevice Lot Of 3

Check out this proposal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai2bwOuLGAQ

What do you think of this idea? Is it too techy or would you enjoy this sort of thing. I think its an awesome idea. Unconventional creative and appropriate for the tech based society we now live in.

Could this be the end to traditional sized wedding parties?…..Nope! But it just looks really cool!

And these ring bearer didn’t have to wear a tux or shiny shoes:



Now you don’t have to worry about the little child running off with the ring, getting stage fright half way down the aisle or the best man leaving the rings in the luggage back at the hotel.

Walkera w100s fpv 2.4ghz drone wifi edition rc 4 channel rtf w/ camera

Overhead shots and Flybys are no longer impossible. See how the autonomous drones are used  to capture amazing wedding moments:









If you are a 2015 bride you may want to start setting your sights on providers that can use their amazing drone skills to enhance your wedding day.

By Sheri Thomson