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July 2013 Edition





I am always interested in seeing the emerging trends in weddings. The predictions made by popular bridal publications and area experts, the “stylesperts”, wedding planners, and celebrities. Every year, every season it’s a different shade or color combination, a different wedding dance entrance, a style trend of photos, back drops, or wedding attire, a DIY trend or a new twist on tradition, A “must have” item your wedding day will not be complete without. Bravo to the trend setters, the sharers of great ideas, DIY brides, the creative geniuses that keep the wedding wheels turning and interesting. Thanks you for feeding our wedding addiction, for making sure no two weddings are the same and keeping us in the know!

2013 STYLE TRENDS                          FALL COLOR TREND


  • Do you think Vintage is in? Oh is it ever!, and every bride has their own unique take on what vintage means. Whether it is all out or just complimentary pieces 2013 is definitely the year of the vintage bride! Onewed definitely hit it on the head with this list.
  • What do you think of when you think of when you think of the color Blush?   Well whatever it is. You can now add it as a shade for your wedding dress. This is a great alternative to the many versions of white. Sometimes just a hint of color is just what is needed to make a bride go from ordinary beautiful  to absolutely stunning! check out the stunning photos on the Brides.com site.
  • Paper Decorations have come fully into their own the past two year. I saw the first stirrings of paper decor in a wedding I officiated in 2007. The bride was an artist and made huge paper flowers to adorn the ceremony space.


Katiana and Jaime wedding-068 Katiana and Jaime wedding-013

Any other cool trends for 2013 you are noticing? Don’t be shy go ahead and share. Make sure you give credit to where it came from so other brides and can check it out too!