May 27

Vows in Eustis


Real Intimate Wedding

The brides- Katrina and Tashaka
The date- May 8 2015
The location- The Ferran Street Park in Eustis
The Fashion- Formal Red and White


here are a few pictures I captured of their special day with my Canon DSLR and my Samsung Galaxy Note 4


The brides originally had planned a big spectacular wedding but after months of planning and stress they decided on going back back to the original plan of having just an intimate gathering for their nearest and dearest friends and family. The morning of the ceremony I called to check in on them and had a lovely conversation where they shared how special the people they were inviting were to them. Not pretentious at all, and would be their for them if they were only serving milk and cereal at the reception. I love intimate weddings!


The brides decided on a late evening ceremony as the sun set with a wonderful lake background. The ceremony included a poem and a sand ceremony. They had each written their own vows and tears flowed as they shared their promises of love.

Their friends came out, many dressed in red and white and stood proudly in support of their love. 20150508_202314st

IMG_0023a IMG_0031bwst IMG_0017bst

Tashaka “Yodi” looked fabulous in her fedora and single breast ivory suit.

IMG_0067bwst IMG_0090st   Publix made the red velvet cakeIMG_0093st 20150508_193616st 20150508_193641st 20150508_194033stThey met at Dairy queen…Hooray for coming home with more than a blizzard. A beautiful couple and so happy to finally be married.

20150508_194542st 20150508_194625st 20150508_194639st IMG_0056st


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