May 27

Wedding Day Fit

white flower The Word Is….. May  Fitness  Edition

Looking your absolute best on your wedding day is important to everyone having a wedding all the way down to the guests and family members attending. With social media and smart devices capturing every moment of everyday, one wants to look amazing on the wedding selfies and photo filled media sites.

For your wedding day and honeymoon, hair, make up, jewelry and clothing has to be just perfect. But what about the stuff you can’t see that gives you that beautiful healthy glow? Shiny hair, bright eyes, pretty nails, a healthy weight, soft feet, flawless skin, washboard abs, or at best a flat tummy, tight and shapely buns, thighs that don’t jiggle and arm definition.



The old adage is true, we are what we eat. I personally would probably bleed wedding cake if cut. But even I know that eating healthy is definitely a key factor for me getting back in shape.

Healthy balanced meals are necessary for a complete  fit body. Nourishment starts on the inside and makes it way outward. Just like beauty, good nutrition comes from within. With all of the changes in what’s good for you and not, It may be hard to decide what you actually need. Many insurance plans have coverage for speaking to a nutritionist , or nutrition coach. If you are unsure or uninsured, here are some websites to help you.

Nutrition.Org– website ran by Michael Greger, M.D.

Nutrition.gov – National Agricultural Library, USDA

The Psychology of Eating website – List of their awarded 100 best nutrition websites

 EatRight.org – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Staying properly hydrated

one of the oldest and yet most simple health tools. Water. We need water and plenty of it to keep our system clean and flushed. It also aids in digestion and passing of things our body naturally wants to eliminate


The above chart is Found on mackinreviews.hubpages.com

There are some great boards on Pinterest for healthy inspiration.

Wedding Day Fit

The Healthy Cookbook

Mostly Clean Eating



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