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Wedding Day Fit: Sunblock

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Protecting your skin on your wedding day

When planning a destination wedding or any outside wedding in Florida, it is important that you take precautions to protect your beautiful skin. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen or beauty product with SPF in your bag before you head out for your big day. Make sure you are well hydrated and don’t forget your sunblock. If you will be hitting the resort pools or the beach prior to saying I DO, take a few minutes out of your busy day to moisturize and protect your skin. Also check your compact mirror throughout the day so you can gauge just how much sun your skin is being exposed to.

Shoulders, neck, face and chest are extremely vulnerable to being burned if you are going strapless or showing a considerable amount of arms, back legs and chest. You don’t want red splotchy skin or too darkened skin on the day you will be in a ton of photos. Make sure you are well hydrated and consider a regime of fish oil and or vitamin E leading up to you big day to help you skin from the inside out.

 Did you know that there are a lot of moisturizers and foundations that have sun screen built right into it. Mary Kay products, Avon, MAC BB Cream, Fluid fix and concealers also have some SPF in them, just to name a few. So if you are worried that your makeup will feel heavy…ask your professional or retailer at time of purchase. If you are getting your makeup professionally done, they will be well versed in what works best.

If you are doing the deed yourself, it is important to use a good sunscreen product as well but do your research and test them out ahead of time. Most photographers can fix discoloration and even peeling, but if you’re having friends and family shoot your day, the editing may be limited and the filters may make it look worse. Remember, even some overcast days can still have the power to cause a nasty sunburn. Pay special attention to your face neck and shoulders and also don’t forget to get the top part of your back especially if your gown is off the shoulder, strapless or revealing in any of those areas. You may want to get a pedicure that includes a leg mask so that the shea butter and vitamin in those products helps to prepare your skin for lots of short wearing and swimsuit weather.

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