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Wedding Day Fit

IN SHAPE FOR YOUR BIG DAY?                   8 Quick Tips

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What is a bride to do… with trying to get ready for one of the most important life events she will experience? You would think with the stress of the wedding, most brides would lose weight from the sheer madness and magnitude of such an event.  

WRONG!!!! The truth is, most brides gain weight during the last 6 months prior to the wedding.  Foregoing sensible meals, and grabbing food on the run, cake and entree tastings, wine sampling, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners and not to mention the pre wedding night bachelorette party of wings, pizza, and alcohol, can wreak havoc on even the most sensible of brides.


Wedding Day Fit is more than just exercising. Beauty, physical and mental fitness are all part of a successful wedding day.

Here’s a few hints:
1.)If the dress has a tad bit of room in it, do not panic and think you must take up every inch of fabric.  Realistically you may need it later. It is easier to pin it up than add fabric. Find a dress that is complimentary of your best assets, not your flaws.

2.)If you are exercising regularly, try to stick to that routine as closely as possible…don’t beat yourself up if you miss a few sessions. Have your attendants work out with you.  This is great girlfriend time and your bridesmaids may actually look and feel a little better.You may want to pay special attention to the parts of you that will be exposed such as backs, arms, shoulders and legs.


3.)Take at least 5-15 minutes per day for stress management.  Do some breathing, stretching or exercise your mind and read a book. (other than a bridal magazine)

4.)Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and veggies
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5.)as difficult as it may be, Get Some Rest!
It is ok to delegate some responsibility or better yet hire a professional to help.

6.)Don’t be adventurous and try a new hair color or dramatic cut the day before the wedding.  Try something new a few months ahead to make sure you like it and to have time to grow it out if it doesn’t work for you.  Tan at least a week and 1/2 in advance.

*No last minute botox or facial peels either. All of these procedures take time to heal or settle. Augmentation and weight loss surgeries (lipo, wraps) etc need to be scheduled in advance.  Talk to a board certified professional in the field of your desired request about how far in advance you need for adequate healing.

7.) Lip color, find a color that is dazzling on you, with a complimentary shade in lipgloss that also makes your teeth appear whiter. Take care of your teeth.  You will be smiling all day so be prepared.

8.) To fight tired looking eyes, don’t drink alcohol the night before your wedding. Don’t forget to eat the day of and stay hydrated.



For more inspiration and workouts check out my pinterest board Wedding Day Fit

written by Sheri Thomson I DO Weddings by Sheri PO BOX 780395 Orlando Fl 32878 407-375-3258