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A throwback to the sub genre of steam powered science fiction or alternate history that has steam powered inventions and cog machines, lighter than air airships ruled by scientists derived from a term coined as early as the 1950’s but gained more popularity in the 1980’s this can be a wonderfully inventive wedding theme. Steampunk is risque, sexy, colorful and oddly sophisticated.

The color scheme is primarily browns, blacks, tans, white, ivory and blush. Bold blues, reds, maroons and purples also add a kick of style. Full skirts, with bustles, be they short or long are common, just as pants, with leather or lace inside or outside garters. Lace and buckles, feathers, corsets and hats are also must haves. Cogs, wheels, gears, trains, guns, clocks, brass, copper, steel, silver, keys, metals, silver and leather accessories make up the details. Medieval ,old Victorian, and Western clothing can easily be transformed into steam punk wear with a few of the aforementioned accessories.

You can plan your unique wedding on steam trains or train stations that allow weddings or receptions, or perhaps local museums with a train display room or an exhibit that speaks to this alternative western historical or futuristic steam era. This inspiration theme can be pulled off at any age and  any location.

You can find items at specialty shops, medieval shops, costume shops, Target and Gothic inspired shops and online retailers listed in some of the pictures.



Some ideas to inspire you for a steampunk wedding from around the web. Get Inspired!


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