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Here is a small collection of some popular  wedding vows, ceremony words and readings along with samples of unity ceremonies. For those couples wishing to write their own vows or add a unity ceremony to their wedding ceremony, I hope you find inspiration here! Over the years I have collected tons of wedding words for ceremonies for my couple. I am sharing only a small sample to inspire you as you prepare for your wedding day. I still think that ceremonies should fit the couple and many times not all the words in a reading are necessary or fitting. So take only what you need. You can also download the apps at the bottom of the page for inspiration*.





A collection of words, poems and readings to enhance your wedding ceremony. Readings enhance your ceremony by telling your love story, or putting into words the emotions you feel towards the person in which you are about to make the spectacular journey of love.

They can range from Religious and serious to romantic, funny and lighthearted. Readings can be done by family or friends to enhance your ceremony experience and allow for someone special to have a key role in your ceremony. Officiants, ministers, celebrants and justice of the peace use readings as a way to communicate with you also bits of advise and encouragement for the road ahead.








Unity ceremonies are common in all types of ceremonies. They are no longer just for religious weddings. The symbolic act of joining two items into one be it light, flames, blood, sand, hands, knot tying or hand fasting, is an important part of many couples ceremonies. The belief is that the symbolic act of merging two souls, families, partners, people, friends, or individual loves, will carry over into the marriage and two people that started alone will leave the ceremony as one unit, husband and wife.

Unity ceremonies do not only join the bride and groom  but their two sets of families, friends, and many times children. Find the ceremony that best fits you. Multiple unity ceremonies are sometimes done. The end result is the same.








Oh the promises of love and forever. Uniquely different and special to each person who utters those magical words.  Whether you have the gift of gab or a great search engine. Vows are a very personal decision to many couples.

While some write, recall and recite their own words of love, Others want to say as little as possible or be lead in the vow portion of their ceremony. What ever your preference is, the internet is full of inspiration.

Your vows can be quirky or funny. They can incorporate a theme. Vows can be religious or non religious. In legal marriages it is the promise that you make to one another.  Vows should be taken seriously even if they are in rhyme or sign language. Because the person you are making the vows to will be hanging on your every word in teary eyed breathless anticipation, waiting to say theirs back to you.






Brides, grooms and their families and friends all have ideas of what should and should not be included in your wedding. Many times there are things put in a wedding just because it was seen somewhere else. Not necessarily that it has any meaning to the couple.  So I have compiled a small list of some popular wedding traditions and their meanings and sample wording that accompanies the tradition. I am aware there are many traditions in every culture and the interpretation of such is still left solely up to the couple. I will continue to periodically add more traditions as I come across them.  Use the ideas to enhance your wedding day and make it truly spectacular.




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