Aug 12

Where to wear your engagement ring

white flower The Word Is… August edition

Have you ever wondered what to do with your engagement ring on your wedding day. Do you wear it on the right hand? the left? not at all?

Most couples exchange rings on their wedding day. More brides, than not, have been given, at some point during the relationship, an engagement ring.

During consultations and rehearsals many brides ask where they should have their engagement ring during the ring exchange. Most opt to leave it in place and simply add the band. Some choose to wear it on the opposite (right) hand. The choice is totally up to you. If you decide to wear it on the opposite side remember that our hands usually differ in size a bit so it could be potentially tighter or much looser than the finger it was purchased for.


You may want to have your maid of honor keep it safe for you or you could have your husband to be hold on to it. You can be creative and wear it on your garter, a necklace or a bracelet. Jewelry stores offer many options.

Your rings will star in many pictures and be shown off to your guests throughout the festivities so I suggest keeping your ring somewhere that is easy to access.

Another tip: when doing the ring exchange hold the ring on the sides so that your photographer and guest have a clear shot of the moment.


The placement of the band is also a big question for some couples. If you are exchanging just wedding bands then… problem solved.


Traditionally the band is behind the engagement ring but again it is totally up to you and what you think is best. I wore my band behind my engagement ring because it was slightly bigger. Now I have an interlocking piece so they are all happily one unit.



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