Nov 14

Wisteria Collection

Amore Diamond RingIntroducing the Wisteria Collection from Brilliant Earth


Wondering how you can combine Eco-friendly and stylish elements into your wedding day? Start with the Wisteria Collection by Brilliant Earth. Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Engaged. Fine Jewelry designed and inspired by Autumn.


Brilliant Earth is a company with high standards and ethical practices that stand firm and true to their mission.

  • Provide Quality– Brilliant Earth provides the highest quality jewelry originating from pure sources and harvested using socially responsible practices
  • Foster Change– Brilliant Earth Provides education and the social and environmental issues affecting the jewelry industry and identifies ways to help
  • Promote Growth– Brilliant Earth supports underdeveloped communities ravaged by the jewelry industry by donating a share of their profits.

How exciting to know that the perfect engagement ring stands for three important factors that are key to a successful marriage too.

  • Provide a quality of life that is appropriate and sustainable.
  • Encourage change in your partner and yourself. Not only Foster change, but be the change you would like to see.
  • Promote Growth, spiritual, emotional, physical, career and charitable growth so that you both may prosper in your marriage

Design Inspiration and Focus

(hand drawn before coming to life by San Francisco Master Jewelers)

Inspired by Autumn Love, and the natural beauty that comes alive in the Fall months, these pieces represent rippling leaves in the breeze, dappled patterns of the sun on dewy petals and through the use of pave diamonds were able to capture the light and movement reflected in each piece of this collection. The rings evoke branches and vines with curving and overlapping bands that represent two lives intertwining. The earrings and necklaces are imbued with subtle movement that are reminiscent of falling leaves and the use of pave diamonds brings exquisite plays of light to each design.

The designers at Brilliant Earth translated their vision of light and movement in the season of Autumn into a collection filled with curves, layers, textures dimension and airy radiance. The result is a look that is timeless, delicate, contemporary and beautiful, just as nature itself.

Brilliant Earth does not compromise between quality and conscience.

Turn up your volume and Enjoy “Autumn Leaves” by Cannonball Adderley

The flowing design of these hand crafted jewels will add dramatic style to your Autumn themed wedding.Enjoy the idea board below for inspiration for your wedding day. See how the shapes of the Wisteria Collection seamlessly blends with any Autumn inspired wedding.


Don’t forget to add these stunning earrings and necklace to complete your look. Your bridesmaids can continue the theme with any of the earrings below. I love to see themes carried out in Fashion and Jewelry. Simple, tasteful, elegant and unique.


Perfect solution for nature inspired themes, Eco-friendly weddings and for the bride that loves nature.


Get Engaged!

Asked her to marry you with an engagement ring from this whimsical Wisteria collection; or any other Brilliant Earth design. Master Jewelers create visions of jewelry delight to temp your sense of style and represent your love.  Did you know at Brilliant Earth you can build your own engagement ring? Right down to the color, cut, clarity and carat. Brilliant Earth is engaged with the buyers, the miners and the countries in which the mining of these precious metals are coming from.

Read More info on their ethical practices         Makers of fine jewelry using conflict free diamonds!

BriiliantEarth.com strives to educate and inform buyers and website visitors of their practices, and missions, what’s going on in the countries and mines and how these practices affect the workers lives.


Pictures from the Wisteria Collection in this blog provided courtesy of Brilliant Earth.
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